1/8/2019 - Donate to YSB through Amazon


Easy way to Donate to YSB!

Simply go to https://smile.amazon.com/. Amazon will ask you what charity you want to support and you can choose Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley. The next time you want to order something from Amazon instead of going to amazon.com go to smile.amazon.com and whenever you purchase something from the smile website, YSB will receive .5% of the sales.

There is no extra cost to you. The items cost the same, the shipping is the same, you can still get prime and free shipping, etc. It works. 

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Such an easy way to help our programs, and our kids… Please pass on to your friends, family, foster parents, everyone!


10/2/2019 - Foster Parents of the Quarter - Jessica and Kamron Majerus

October 2019
Congratulations to Jessica and Kamron Majerus

Jessica and Kamron Majerus were licensed in December 2015. They have one son Harrison. As a faith based family, they felt God had always planned for them to provide foster care. They believe that they were called to be flexible providing reunification with the biological family and to adopt those who could not, and that they were to help children while they were separated from their parents.

Over time, Jessica and Kamron accepted placement of a boy, and later, his two sisters. They were adopted into the family in April of 2017 when a return home goal was not possible. Later the Majerus’s accepted placement of a pair of siblings. As these children's case went on, it became apparent that they were not going to be reunified with their biological parents. The Majerus’s worked with YSB to obtain a waiver, expanding their capacity, to reunite the children with their two elder sisters. During this process, it was discovered that Jessica was pregnant.

The family recently completed the adoption of the sibling group of four and their infant daughter is now just a little over one-year-old.

In Jessica’s email that gave permission to close surrender their foster care license, she states “I’m a little sad to go, I’d take so many more kids if we were allowed to … here is a picture of adoption day for you to use (refer to YSB Facebook page)… I’d love it to be said that we’ve made our family so large because we’ve followed the call God placed on our life. Everything we’ve done is because of our deep faith and love… It’s been a joy to work with YSB and we’ll miss you!”

YSB thanks the Majerus family for the strength that has shone through all their accomplishments in almost five years of foster parenting service. May they stay in contact with YSB and encourage our current and future foster homes as they serve in the same capacity as the Majerus’ have done.

10/22/2019 - Annual Report FY19 Now Available!

The Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Report is now availabe to view